About us

From an idea born at our desk, today’s Ögema has developed. Right from the start, arouse Ögema as a link between quality-oriented Organic growers, wholesale and industrial processing companies. 

Ögema GmbH – 10 years of quality

Organic fruits and vegetables from a single source.

Competent & Fair

Ögema GmbH has been trading organic and biodynamic products in and outside Europe for 10 years. Our business relations are based on reliability and loyalty. Through our steady and successful growth, we are constantly expanding our product range. Through the continuous development of the concept and of the logistics we are now present in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Croatia and in The Netherlands.

Our Philisophy

A genuine product must be fresh harvested and delivered.
The attraction for good organic products, from its cultivation to the delight of the consumer, is our day-to-day motivation.

Fresh products and quality

We treat only the best goods. Through regular inspections and the close relationship with our producers, we can ensure that our customers are supplied with the highest quality both at home and abroad in the greatest possible freshness.

Environmental and nature protection

Through the knowledgEnvironmental and nature conservation is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. So, we are always looking for environmental improvements. The sustainability of our packaging is very important to us. That is why more and more of our products are delivered in reusable packaging.
All our products meet the requirements of the Regulation on Organic Agriculture No. 834/2007. In addition, many of our products meet the guidelines of Bioland, Demeter and Naturland.