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Mangos (Mangifera) have a Southeast-Asian origin but nowadays they are cultivated all over the world in regions with a tropical climate. In Spain this cultivation began more than 30 years ago.

The fruit grows on an evergreen tree, it has in general an oval shape and a very unique sweet and juicy taste. The colour of the peel and the pulp varies according to the varieties, such as the dimension and the weight of the single fruit.



Among the known varieties, we offer the followings for exportation:

Osteen: this variety has a more elongated shape with a thick purple peel. Its small pit has a thin, elongated shape as well. The pulp is yellow without fibers and has a very good taste.

Tommy Atkins: with a soft green and crimson-colored peel, the pulp is dominated by a dark yellow color and contains fibers. The flavor is very sweet and juicy.

Keitt: The peel of this variety has a light yellow-red-greenish color when perfectly ripe. Having a little less sugar than other varieties, this type of mango has a very small pit and a small amount of fibers.

Kent: This variety has a more flat shape and an orange colored pulp with no fibers and a small pit. The peel is usually colored in dark green, yellow and red.


Production area and harvesting

The Spanish season of the mangos begins in August and lasts until November. During the period from December to February, we have the availability of the fruits coming from Perú, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.



The Mangos, available in many calibres, are laid in cardboard boxes.


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