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Product features and varieties
The white garlic (Allium sativum) has a pale dry skin, which is not removed to keep the cloves from drying out further. One garlic bulb is divided into approximately ten cloves.
Besides the white garlic we offer as well the preferred „ajo morado“, a garlic that has a slight red peel around the cloves, while the peel on the outside is also white. The garlic morado contains essentially more Allicin, which makes it much more intensive in his taste in contrast to the white garlic. Moreover, since it contains less water, it has a longer shelf-life than the fresh white garlic.
We commercialize both fresh and dried garlic.

Production area and availability
Cultivated in Castilla la Mancha, in the very middle of Spain, the garlic plants have warm dry weather, which makes the plants grow in perfect conditions for a quality product. Depending on the season, we deliver a high quality garlic from other Spanish regions as well.
From January to July, where the availability in Spain is lower, we import garlic from Argentina, so the product is available all year long.

Garlic is offered in cardboard boxes


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