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Black cabbage or lacinato kale is a variety of kale with a long tradition in Italian cuisine, especially that of Tuscany, it is in fact most commonly known as Black Italian cabbage or Tuscan cabbage.

The plant has a thick central stalk and produces long, fat, spear-like leaves that have wrinkled, bubbled surfaces. The dark blue-green leaves will grow up to 46 centimeters long and 11 centimeters at their widest. Young leaves are harvested between 15 and 20 centimeters, when the stalks are still tender. As the leaves mature, they thicken, and stalks become tough.

Black cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables to be consumed. It is low in calories and It is a wonderful vegetable for expecting mothers as it is rich in folic acid.

It offers a subtle peppery flavor with a tangy bite and sweet aftertaste. Young, tender leaves are used raw in green or grain salads but the most common recipes with black cabbage are vegetable soups and minestrone.

Availability and area of production

The availabilty of black cabbage of our producer, located in Puglia, goes from the middle of December to the end of February.


The article is available in bunch or loose and packed in wooden boxes or RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers).


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