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The chirimoya (Annona cherimola) is a fruit which comes originally from the Andes in Latin America. It grows in areas within tropical and subtropical weather conditions on medium high bushes and is usually picked unripe for a better transportability due to its naturally very soft condition. The peel of this apple-shaped fruit is green and covered by indentations. The pulp is cream-white and filled with black pits.

The fruit is ripe when it turns soft and the peel gets dark stains. While the pits and the peel of the fruit are inedible, the very acidic-sweet exotic flavor of the pulp comes from the natural high sugar content and is not comparable to other fruits flavor. This makes it also perfect as an ingredient in sweet smoothies and salads.

Storage tip: do not fridge!


Production area and harvesting

We receive the Chirimoyas from the tropical coast in the South Spanish region Andalucía to avoid long shipping periods from oversees. The harvesting period goes from October until April.



We offer the chirimoyas laid in cardboard boxes.


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