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The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a root coming originally from Central and South America. Nowadays it is cultivated all over the world in tropical, subtropical and moderate climates. The sweet potato has one of the largest amounts of total production of roots in the whole world. It has a very elongated form and the colour on the peel is a red-pink while on the inside it is light orange. Its sweet and nutty taste makes it a perfect side dish, backed or deep fried with or without the peel, but as well a tasty main dish. In the Mexican cuisine the sweet potatoes are typically served together with Guacamole.


Production area and harvesting

We receive this product from farms in South Spain, in Andalucía, but also from many regions in Italy. The season begins in September and lasts until March/April.



We offer the sweet potatoes, ranged for different calibres, loose in cardboard boxes.


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