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Product features and availability:
Belonging to the family of Rutaceae, Citrus reticulate, this variety is a late cultivar (in Italian “tardivo”) for the delayed period of production, compared to other cultivars.
It takes its name from the village of Palermo (Ciaculli-Croce): the area where it is still produced.
The ripening is completed between February and April, in relation to climatic variables.

Organoleptic characteristics and harvesting:
The cultivar has a fruit with a yellow skin of medium thickness, 0.3 cm, and smooth, with numerous oil glands. The taste is intense. Presence of seeds in variable number, from 4 to 12. The ripe fruit has a weight ranging from 75 to 90 g.
The harvesting is done manually and it is necessary to remove the fruit from the pedicle with scissors and a high attention to avoid damaging other mandarins placed in the container.
The harvesting occurs when the acidity is between 5 and 1.2%, the sugar is not less than 10% and the amount of juice is at least 33%.

The product is delivered in cardboard boxes or in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers)


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