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Product features and varieties
The variety Hass (usually smaller and oval shaped with a brown shell) is worldwide on high demand because of its good taste. Nevertheless, it is often cultivated together with the variety Bacon (bigger, early and with green shell) which is necessary for a better pollination. The Bacon avocado trees are as well perfect as a windshield because of a better stability.
Another variety we offer is the “Fuerte” one, which means “strong” in Spanish. Actually, it endures even strong winters, it builds larger and elongated fruits than Hass and has a thin plain shell, easy to peel.

Production area and availability
Nowadays the avocado is also cultivated in South-Spain, in Andalucía, on the tropical coast near the city of Málaga. Nevertheless, we also obtain avocados from oversees from Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic especially during no harvesting in Spain between April and October, which together with the Spanish production creates an all year long availability of the fruit. In Málaga the harvest of the varieties Bacon and Fuerte begins in October whereas Hass starts in November. The Spanish season ends in April.

Avocados are offered laid in cardboard boxes.


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