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Features of the product and harvesting

The harvesting of the ripe tubers can be carried out both by hand and with machines.

The varieties of potatoes are many and they can differ in shape, skin and pulp colour, consistence, taste and even culinary purposes due to the different humidity content which affects the resistance to cooking.


Varieties, area of production and availability

The varieties we commercialize the most as new potatoes have yellow pulp and a long-oval shape and are available from the second half of March till June.
The Arinda und Nicola varieties are produced in the area of Syracuse in Sicily, the Siglinde comes from the coast of the Jonio sea and the Salento region in Apulia and the Spunta variety grows in the typical red clay of Ragusa in Sicily.

Many more are the varieties available as new and second-crop potatoes (Liseta, Natascha, Agria, Almonda, Fontane, Arizona), available all year long until the new early productions.


Potatoes can be delivered in wooden boxes, big bag of 1.000 Kg and in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers).


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