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Product features

Due to the changing climate conditions during the seasons, each tree can give 4 different varieties of fruits, with different dimension,  peel colour and amount of essential oils in it, quantity of juice in the pulp and taste.

Varieties and availability

  1. The “Primofiore” grows from October to January, it has an elliptical shape, skin and flesh which varies from light green to lemon-yellow, and lemon-yellow juice
  2. The “winter lemon”, harvested from January to April is completely yellow
  3. The “Bianchetto”, means “white” and takes its names from the light yellow colour of the peel and the whitish colour of the pulp; it grows from April to June
  4. The “Verdello” or “summer lemon” has a complete green peel (from that its name) from July to September.

Areas of production

The image of the classic yellow lemon damages the consumption of the green variety, typical of the Mediterranean Italian and Spanish productions and push, even in the summer season, the sell and importation of yellow lemons from further foreign countries.

Especially in Italy we have many typical and native varieties we commercialize such as the IGPs “Femminello Siracusano” and “Limone Interdonato”.



Lemon can be packed loose or laid in wooden or cardboard boxes or even in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers)


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