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Product features:

The tree of the Clementine is very similar to the mandarin tree except for the leaves which are bigger and larger. The fruit has about the same dimension of a mandarin but the shape is rounder. The pulp, more orangy than mandarin, has a balanced sour-sweet taste more similar to oranges. Another clementine’s characteristic is the absence of seeds.
All these features make the Clementine the most commercialized citrus fruit in Italy since 1940, after the oranges.

Areas of production and availability:
Clementine differs from other citrus in having lower heat requirement, so the tolerance and sensitivity to unfavourable conditions during the flowering and fruit-setting period is higher. However, in regions of high total heat, the Clementine bears fruit early and this also favour maximizing the Clementine size and quality. As a result, the Clementines are tastier!
Our Clementines are in fact cultivated in the southern regions of Italy (Calabria, the most, where we also have a Demeter product) and Spain.

The harvesting is one in a year, between November and January, according to temperatures.


The product is delivered in cardboard boxes of different size, in wooden box or in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers).


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