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The artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) is a herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae. Up to 1.5 meters high, has a robust, cylindrical and fleshy stem and longitudinally striped (also edible). In the “heart” of the artichoke we find a short fluff: the origin of the flower.


The varieties of artichoke vary according to the presence or absence of thorns at the apex of the leaves, to the colour of the flower head which can be violet and green or striped and to the period of maturation. The flower heads may be more oblong or more spherical in shape but the leaves have a marked polymorphism even within the same plant.


The artichoke is a typical plant of the Mediterranean environments therefore it is cultivated above all in Italy, Egypt and Spain. Italy holds the world record in the production of this vegetable (equal to about 30%). The areas of greatest production are Sicily (Piana di Gela and Piana di Catania), Sardinia and Apulia.


Varieties, areas of production and availability

In Sicily and Apulia we find our best artichoke producers who, with the different varieties available (also with Demeter certification), guarantee the harvest almost all year round.

The varieties we mostly produce are:

  • Thema: artichoke with external bracts of an intense violet colour with light green and straw yellow nuances internally, elongated and ending with a short thorn; fleshy and tender; delicate and not very bitter taste.
  • Violetto di Sicilia: variety of hybrid artichoke from medium early seed, suitable for the fresh market and export. It forms slightly elongated flower heads forming a tight and closed glass, of an intense violet colour.
  • Romanesco: spherical, very compact and slightly flattened; the colour ranges from green to violet and the external bracts have shades of violet. Absence of thorns.
  • Opal: with an intense taste, it has a fleshy consistency, an oval shape and a green colour with violet nuances.


Delivery available in cardboard or wooden boxes and in Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC).


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