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The flat peach (Prunus persica var. platycarpa), is also called with many different names such as “doughnut peach” or “Saturn peach”, “pesca piatta” o “tabacchiera” in Italy, “paraguayos” in Spain. Most of these names are referred to the typical flat and oblate shape of this fruit.

The skin is yellow and red, and they are less fuzzy than many other peaches. The inside of the fruit is pale yellow to white in appearance.

Saturn peaches are usually sweeter than other peaches, but still have a recognisable peach taste.


Area of production and availability

Our availability of the fruit is mostly concentrated in the month of June with the Italian product, while lasts till August with the Spanish production.

Both productions in Italy and Spain have the Demeter certification.



This product is mostly commercialized laid in boxes, even RPC.


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