The Bio is not only a way to produce, but also, and above all, a way of life!

Oegema affirms the love for the Earth and its products, supporting a project of solidarity initiated from Ormabio togheter with the “Cooperativa Nuovi Sentieri”, a non-profit organization, born from the will of a group of disable peoples affected by psychiatric disorders, to search for answers to the needs of work and social integration.

The results are noteworthy: first of all the improved integretion of people with disabilities. The love for the earth makes them feel alive again and truly helpful.

These guys work beside expert hands, following the production from sowing to harvesting and final packaging. So doing they have the chance to learn a new job, being at the same time, integral part of a notable project! Our partner Ormabio plays an important role in it as technical and commercial consultant. It oversees the success of the valuable project carried out by the Cooperativa.