About us

From an idea born at our desk, today’s Ögema has developed. 

Right from the start, arouse Ögema as a link between quality-oriented Organic growers, wholesale and industrial processing companies. Therefore, thanks to close contacts on site, we specialized in the Import and Export of organic fruit and vegetables especially from Italy, Tunisia and Spain. Our specialties also include, the fine olive oil and Demeter dates from Tunisia, honey from Tuscany, as well as vegetable and fish canned in extra virgin olive oil from Sicily.

Through the knowledge of our customers needs, we not only import the goods, but also think of ourselves as a service provider to search for goods in the country of origin – as if our customers were there. Through the continuous development of the concept and of the logistics we are now present in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Croatia and in The Netherlands. We look forward every day to meet your requests!

Our Philosophy

A genuine product must be fresh harvested and delivered.

The attraction for good organic products, from its cultivation to the delight of the consumer, is our day-to-day motivation. Organic evolved from the need to produce by human hands for human mouth. Our role in the scrupulous selection of the products does follow the same principle.

The focus is the promotion and maintenance of farming structures, as well as the observance of the Certified Organic farming provisions. For us this is the only long-term way to a healthy environment that every day evokes the freshness and variety of Mediterranean cuisine on the table of our customers. All our products meet the requirements of the Regulation on Organic Agriculture No. 834/2007. In addition, many of our products meet the guidelines of Bioland, Demeter and Naturland. fffffffffff